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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting
August 15, 1999

Present:  Lou BassoDave HicksTom KulavicJerry BordenkircherBill ChristophelMike CotnerSteve HuttonYomi JohnRobert McGuire    

Absent:  Steve BerryBill HallMel KochMark HerriottJay RayAlex Ferguson      

Called to order in Peoria @ 11:02 AM

Charlie Smyth was present and is replacing Mark Herriott as District IV Representative.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as given.



- David Hicks reported that:

Account 1362 -- income as of  June 30, 1999 was $3,401.00, and  money outstanding (owed to Central) $698.50 for a total of $4099.50.  

Account 7977, had a balance of   $20,494.04 (of which $8900.00 was bond money) as of January 10, 1999. As of July 31, 1999, the balance is $19,474.98 (of which $9400.00 is bond money-- an additional $500 of bond money was collected from Spring teams).  Money owed to CIYSL is $2,136.50 from Spring  U-17 teams that have not been billed yet.


- Nothing new to report.

- The board is awaiting a response from Jay Ray to Dave Ramsay concerning the scheduling of the U-12 Classic/Premier.  Jay was not present.


- The State Select tryouts at Springfield went very well.  Excellent assistance from Tom Kulavic and the  SASA Club. There was not a coaching clinic for the "E" license-- not enough participants signed up.

- The next round of the 2000 State Select process is August 14/15 in Rockford. Those selected have been notified.


 - Bill Hall was not present; however, he submitted a written report via Bill Christophel.  His report indicated that he had discussed three things with Ruben Horna; 1) teams should be given appropriate time between games, 2) officials need to be at rescheduled games when properly notified, and 3) the board would discuss the assistant referee fees for the U-15 and above.

- The board discussed the fee structure again concerning the U-15 and above assistant fee being the same as U-13/14 and voted to retain it as it is. Board members pointed out that the center fee was raised to attract higher quality center referees at the older ages. Our pay schedule is much better than the Southern League and  comparable to the High School schedule.

- Again, the fee card that was made for team coaches/managers was mentioned as having a very positive impact.


Scheduling & Format:

- Jay Ray was not present.

  - Mike Cotner asked that the call for teams to be mailed for next Fall (Summer of 2000) be mailed by June 15 in order to give a longer response time  more in line with the Spring timeline.

- Final Schedules are due to be mailed by the third Sunday in August.

- Discussed requiring the entire fee ($245.00) up front by next Spring.  The board agreed to wait until Jay Ray could report on this Fall's scheduling experience.

WEB Report:

- There are now 3759 hits-- 2283 since May 21, 1999.

- Waiting for Spring Standings as well as new voting totals for the District Representatives.

Old Business

 - Bill Christophel's comments were reviewed and discussed. Dave Hicks suggested that since there were too many items to cover at one time, we should pick a topic at each board meeting. The board decided to start with their image. Some league members feel the Central board is not adding value to the process.   Clinics and workshops were discussed.

- Dave Hicks suggested, and the board decided, to survey the members to help determine direction (What would they like?). Steve Hutton and Bill Christophel will prepare the survey and Dave Hicks will arrange distribution.

New Business

- SFC is planning on hosting a "D" license clinic in the early Spring.  Lou Basso will coordinate it.

- Dave Hicks is working on the Spring standings and new voting totals for the District Representatives.

- The next meeting will be on Sunday, November 5, 1999 at 7:00 PM and hosted by Little Illini Soccer Club in Urbana


Meeting was adjourned at 1:15 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted 
Mike Cotner


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