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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting
May 21, 1999

Present:  Dave Hicks, Jay Ray, Tom Kulavic, Jerry Bordenkircher, Mike CotnerLou BassoAlex Ferguson, Robert McGuire, Steve HuttonYomi John

Absent:  Steve BerryBill Hall, Mel KochMark Herriott, Bill Christophel    

Called to order in Springfield @ 7:16 PM

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as given.



 - David Hicks had no changes to the financial statement given at the last board meeting.


- A Champaign problem on April 11 with no referees was discussed

- Bloomington doing a better job with referees.  There was one incident where a referee insisted on starting the game at 3:00.  One team did not have enough time between games. Another incident where referees for boys U-10 were not available for a rescheduled weekend where there was a previous rain out.  Both are to be referred to Bill Hall.

- A letter from Dave Ramsay to Bill Christophel was presented to the board concerning the scheduling of the U-12 Classic/Premier. Jay Ray will respond to Dave.


- State Select Camp is June 13 thru 16-- those selected will stay thru the 18th.

- The 2000 State Select Enrollment deadline is June 25 with tryouts on July 17 in Springfield at the SASA site.  There will be an E-License Clinic on the same weekend (July 17 and 18-- two day clinic).

- Frank Speth resigned as Director of Coaching for the IYSA.


- Bill Hall was not present to report.

- A fee card was made for team coaches/managers and appears to have had a positive impact.

 Scheduling & Format:

- Bob McGuire will help next season; but, will not be scheduling. Jay Ray will do the Scheduling.

 - An E-Mail response address will be requested on the "Call-for Teams" form this fall.

- A "Scheduling Meeting" will not be held for the Fall at the August board meeting.  A schedule will be prepared from the "Call-for-Teams" and a draft will be sent to the coaches  Then, after two weeks and any needed adjustments, a final schedule will be mailed to the coaches and posted on the WEB. Any changes needed after the schedule is published, will need to be coordinated between coaches/ team contacts-- not the board.

 - Both E-Mail and direct mail will be tried this fall for publishing the Schedule. Next year, direct mail may be eliminated.

 - Dave Hicks noted that when a team folds, the ID cards are the property of the League and must be returned to the League office- players are no longer covered by the insurance.

 - Discussed requiring the entire fee ($245.00) up front by next Spring.  Will need to be voted on before the Spring "Call-for -Teams". (The board should vote at the August Board meeting).

 - A motion was made and passed to not accept any "Call-for-Teams" notifications after the second Sunday in February or August.

 - Will change the WEB to say:

      Call-for-Teams sent out by the first Sunday in January or July.

      Call-for-Teams notification due by the third Sunday in January or July (if late - $50 fee).

      No Call-for-Teams notifications accepted after the second Sunday in February or August.

      Minimum roster of 7, team fees, picture ID cards, birth certificates for new teams due by second  Sunday in March or August.

      Final schedules mailed by the third Sunday in March or August.

      Tentative starting date for league play is the last Sunday in March or August (skipping Easter and Labor Day)

WEB Report:

 - There are now 2676 hits-- 1476 since February 7, 1999.  There were 85 "Game Reports" over the WEB so far this spring. Twelve Complaints/ Items of discussion were noted and given to David Hicks for appropriate response. 

- We have three names for referee assignors for posting on the WEB page: 1) Randy Crady, 2) Dan Noeth, and 3) Ruben Horna.

Old Business

 - SASA has asked IYSA to consider using the SASA fields for ODP on July 17.

- SASA will host an E-license clinic on the same weekend as ODP on July 17 & 18.

- SFC is considering hosting a "D" license clinic.

New Business 

- Bloomington independent team wants other teams to share the fee to schedule referees. The local team is responsible for supplying fields and referees. The only shared fees are the on site referee fee for the game. 

 - Mike Cotner mentioned a concern with referee fees that was voiced to him by Ruben Horna. Ruben was concerned with the similarity of fees for the Assistant Referees ($20) for the U13 & U14 being the same as the U15 and above.  The board indicated that this should be taken up with Bill Hall. 

 - Ralph Matia's original Long range plan and Bill Christophel's comments were distributed. It was decided that we would not have time to cover this at this meeting. Jay Ray asked us to consider Bill's comments and we will discuss this at the next meeting.

 - The next meeting will be on Sunday, August 15, 1999 at 11:00 AM and hosted by Sporting Futbol Club at their facilities just North of DetwillerPark.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted 
Mike Cotner


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