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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

February 7, 1999

Present: Dave Hicks, Jay Ray, Bill Christophel, Tom Kulavic, Jerry Bordenkircher, Mike Cotner, Mel Koch, Steve Berry, Robert McGuire, Mark Herriott, Steve Hutton

Absent: Phil Houghton, Renea Berry, Yomi John, Lou Basso

Called to order in Chatham @ 11:05 AM

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as given.



- David Hicks had no changes to the financial statement given at the January board meeting.


- Tom Kulavic had the referee report and a response from Jerrod Frey on the Lou Basso complaint concerning an 85 boy's game between SASA and Sporting FC on September 27, 1998 at the SASA site. Lou's complaint was that the fields were not set up properly, there was a scheduled two man system, during the second half (when SASA was up 2-0) a Springfield parent threatened the referee and the referees walked off the field.. Also, the SASA coach walked off the field after several Yellow cards and two Red cards were issued . Lou asked that the game not count for either team in the CIYSL League standings. The board discussed that although the first half was short (30 minutes instead of 35 minutes), FIFA requires that the second half must be the same time limit as the first half. It also determined that the assistant coach (Maggie Barton) was present. It was also determined that the game was stopped for an injury at 29 minutes into the 30 minute second half. The board voted to let the game stand as a 2-0 win for SASA. It could not be determined that a parent walked onto the field before the game finished. Tom Kulavic is still addressing the field conditions and two man system with the SASA club. SASA has appointed a referee committee within their club.


- Nothing to report.


- Referee fees were added to the WEB site.

- A fee card with play times is being made by Tom Kulavic for team coaches/managers.

Scheduling & Format:

- Bob was attending to the scheduling process and was not present.

- Bob will send tentative schedules to the District Representatives early to help identify any problems and the representatives can get back to Bob McGuire.

WEB Report:

- There are now 1200 hits since March 9, 1998.

- If the motion to collect $50.00 with each "Call-for-Teams" form passes, the ability to submit a form from our WEB site will be discontinued. We do not want to collect money over the internet. It would still be available to print and mail.

- Need Fall Standings.

- Asked members to poll their clubs and referee assignors to find out if there would be any interest in posting a WEB page with referee assignors information.

- Mark Herriott asked again if we could have weekly game standings on the WEB. Discussed who would collect and report (maybe on the WEB). Few game results are reported. Most are not reported via the Game Report form on the WEB (many do not have access to the WEB). Who would do the work? No decision was made.

The Meeting was adjourned.

A board meeting was convened to fill board openings and elect officers for the 98/99 year.

The following slate for the Board Members was submitted and approved:

Jay Ray-- returning,

Yomi John-- returning,

Alex Ferguson to replace Renea Berry, and,

Bill Hall to replace Phil Houghton ( Bill will chair the Referee Committee).

The following slate for the Board Officers was submitted and approved:

Jay Ray as President,

Lou Basso as Vice President,

Tom Kulavic as Second Vice President,

Mike Cotner as Secretary, and,

Steve Hutton as Treasurer.

Old Business

- SASA has asked IYSA to consider using the SASA fields for ODP on July 17.

- SASA will host an E-license clinic on the same weekend as ODP on July 17 & 18.

- The following amendment to the Bylaws was approved:


...shall be held on the first Sunday of February of each year..."


...shall be held in the month of February of each year..."

- The following amendment to the Bylaws was approved:

Under CIYSL League Format "Games can only be canceled for:", add the following to define "Reasonable Time":

The team responsible for the rescheduling must make itself available at any "Reasonable Time" the opponent wishes to play and does not conflict with scheduled State Cup or registered tournaments. The CIYSL recognizes Sunday as the official day for league play. However, games may be made-up during any dates within the current season and beginning no earlier than 10:00 AM and scheduled to be completed by sunset.

- The following motion was approved:

The "Call-for-Teams" will require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit be submitted with the "Team Notification" form by the form due date. The deposit will be credited to the registration fee when registering. If the team does not register or withdraws, the deposit will be forfeited. The $50.00 late fee for the "Team Notification" form will still apply if the form is received after the due date in addition to the deposit. This fee will first be applied to the Fall 1999 Call-for-Teams.

- Mark Herriott's E-Mail, that was posted at the last board meeting where he challenged the CIYSL to put into effect a long range planning committee, was discussed. Reference was made to Ralph Matia's original plan. It was decided that we would have a session devoted to the long range planning at the next meeting. District Representatives should seek feedback from their members for the meeting.

New Business

- SASA has agreed to host the U15 Super League on April 10 & 11, and the U17 & U18 Super League on April 17 &18. Mark Herriott asked if Champaign could host. He was asked to contact IYSA.

- IYSA is looking for fields for State Cup (Sporting FC has indicated an interest).

- IYSA is looking for a proposal for Illinois league finalists to compete against each other. Jay will prepare a proposal for IYSA's consideration.

- Need a packet for each District Representative with a list of their responsibilities, a list of coaches in their respective districts and a supply of league forms.

- The responsibilities of the District representative need to be added to the by-laws.

- The next meeting will be on a Friday, May 21, 1999 at 7:00 PM and hosted by SASA..

Meeting was adjourned at 1:25 P.M.

 Respectfully Submitted
Mike Cotner


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