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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

January 10 1999

Present: Dave Hicks, Jay Ray, Bill Christophel, Tom Kulavic, Jerry Bordenkircher, Mike Cotner, Yomi John, Lou Basso, Steve Berry, Robert McGuire, Steve Hutton

Absent: Mark Herriott, Phil Houghton, Renea Berry, Mel Koch

Guests: Dan Noeth and Dave Ramsey

Called to order in Peoria @ 11:06 AM

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as given.



- David Hicks gave a Financial report.

Operating account #1362-60-107 has a deficit balance of -($131.63).

Custodial Account #7977 has a balance of +($20,494.04) Note: $8,900.00 is Bond Money.

- Mike Cotner asked if the current fees would need to be raised at the annual board meeting for the next year and Dave indicated that they were sufficient for now.


- Jerry Bordenkircher discussed the Appeals Committee's recommendation concerning the Chris Gaspar's SFC 90 Premier game with Oscar Lambdin's team. The committee recommended that the game be played on the first available date in the spring schedule. Jerry Bordenkircher and Jay Ray will communicate the date, time, and location that the game must be played. The award for this age group will be delayed until the game is played.

- Jerry Bordenkircher also discussed Appeals Committee's recommendation concerning the Ron Mentgen's request for assessment against SASA for $140.00. Tom Kulavic indicated that SASA had sent a check for $70.00. The SASA position is that Ron knew that the first game would not be played on Wednesday and the SASA team should not be assessed a fee for the first game. They acknowledged that the second game was cancelled too late. Unless there is additional information, the board considers the matter closed.

- Lou Basso discussed a complaint concerning an 85 boy's game between SASA and Sporting FC on September 27, 1998 at the SASA site. The fields were not set up properly, there was a scheduled two man system, during the second half (when SASA was up 2-0) a Springfield parent threatened the referee and the referees walked off the field.. Also, the SASA coach walked off the field after several Yellow cards and two Red cards were issued . Lou asked that the game not count for either team in the CIYSL League standings. The board asked Tom Kulavic to investigate and report back concerning the field, referee threat, referee two man system and the coach walking off.

- Dave Ramsey (guest) discussed concerns with Springfield, Bloomington, and schedules being changed very late. In Springfield, they never get three man system and then two referees want the full three man fees. Overall problem is the attitude of the Springfield people. He also mentioned that there was a site with NO restroom facilities. He indicated that he would be interested in participating in the scheduling process with Bob McGuire.


- Annual schedule is out and available on the IYSA WEB site.

- Training sessions at the Odeum in Villa Park on January 9/10, January 18, February 12 and 15. All participants were asked to complete profiles and college recruiters were asked to attend.

- Champaign has now indicated that they would like to be considered as a site for ODP.


- Phil Houghton was not present. He has missed more than three meetings. He is not interested in continuing on the board at the end of his tenure. Bill Christophel has identified Dan Noeth as a possible replacement that would work with the referees. He also identified Bill Hall as a Referee Committee member (not a board member) to work on the referee committees along with himself.

Scheduling & Format:

- Bob McGuire wants a list of all teams from each area/club with age division and contact as well as fields available.

- Bob will arrange a Scheduling committee meeting prior to the annual meeting (1/30 or 1/31). Bob wants to get a representative from each club and meet before the annual board meeting/call-for-teams. In addition to Dave Ramsey, he was given the name of Jan Berlin from BNSC as a participant.

- Bob will arrange the February meeting in Chatham again.

- The spring "Call for Teams" was sent on 1/9/99

- Bob will send tentative schedules to the board members early to help identify any problems.

WEB Report:

- There are now 954 hits since March 9, 1998.

- The WEB pages for Format, Official Guidelines, Call-for-Teams, and Team-Notification forms have been updated for the Spring season.

- The calendar and future board meeting dates were added. The dates for the board meetings can be changed. Bob McGuire questioned the May 23 board meeting date-- we will discuss at the next board meeting.

- Gave game reports from Bloomington's U10 girls and LISC's U11 boys to Dave Hicks.

- Gave a Team Notification form from Mark Herriott to Dave Hicks.

- Still need a CIYSL WEB address for Dave Hicks.

- Read excerpts from an E-Mail from Mark Herriott. The entire E-Mail follows:

"Comments regarding upcoming board meeting . . .[1] I will be out of town on 1/10/99. [2] I would like for the board to consider the U of I fields in Champaign for ODP tryouts . . . reasons (a) 4 excellent fields which are watered - better than Springfield and Peoria 2 fields (120 x 75) and 2 fields (110 x 75) (b) additional areas to try out goalies (c) fields are lighted and (d) 3 major hotels in walking distance of the fields. [3] The next 6 months will represent my last on the board - I will be "retiring" from LISC's board and another representative will be appointed - I would like to challenge the CIYSL to put into place a long range planning committee - something we have discussed for quite awhile. Unless we have a plan the problems we are currently facing will continue to hinder us in the future, too. Specifically . . . referee development, field development, and club development - this is very important if the league is to be able to continue to field enough teams both in the fall and spring in all age groups. . . I see clubs not being able to field teams and teams continuing to try to play in other leagues - this concerns me . . . do we need to nuture the clubs in Jacksonville, Coles County (Charleston & Mattoon), Danville, and do we need to do something about getting a club started in Decatur . . . and do we need to do something as a league to help Peoria SC or the Bloomington/Normal SC . . . even the LISC could use some input from others as we grow . . . as a district rep. 2 & 3 years ago I took the time to visit each of the clubs in my area (Danville and Charleston and Mattoon) - what are the responsibilities of district reps? (4) What about a board meeting in Champaign - in my tenure on the board I have been to Bloomington 4 times, Peoria 3 times, Springfield 3 times, Morton 1 . . . did not make the Quincy trip due to conflict . . .any problem with Champaign? Please let me know how I can help. Mark Herriott"

Old Business

- License clinics-- Lou Basso indicated that most people in Peoria have their "E" license-- they need a "D" clinic. The CIYSL board needs to sponsor an "E" license clinic since we require the "E" and "F" licenses. Tom Kulavic was asked to consider having SASA coordinate an "E" license clinic at the same time as the ODP tryouts.

- Local clubs are encouraged to support and schedule referee clinics and contact Mike Cotner to have then added to the WEB schedule.

- Need written reports on all "Red Cards".

- Mike Cotner will work with the BNSC organization to try to coordinate better refereeing at the Bloomington site. The board agreed to give BNSC a chance to work out the referee situation this Spring as a probationary period.

- Dan Noeth asked that a Referee Rate Card be prepared.

- Mike Cotner will add the official CIYSL referee fees to the end of the "Official Guidelines" WEB page.

New Business

- A motion was made and passed electing Dave Hicks to another three year term as Central District Commissioner.

- We will need to discontinue awards for U10 and Below to comply with the spirit of the IYSA position of no awards at the younger ages.

- Mike Cotner questioned the amount of current referee fees-- should they be higher at the older age? The consensus of the board members was that they were set at the correct amounts.

- Discussed the responsibilities of the District representative. The responsibilities are :

a. encourage the development of clubs, associations, organizations, and programs so that soccer is made available to youth in all levels of competition;

b. encourage the development and practice of good sportsmanship both on and off the playing field;

c. developing the principles of fair play;

d. building good character;

e. promoting the growth of soccer; and

f. instructing, training, and educating players, coaches, and referees to develop and improve their capabilities.

- The following amendment to the Bylaws was recommended for presentation at the 1999 Annual Board meeting on February 7:


...shall be held on the third Sunday of February of each year..."


...shall be held in the month of February of each year..."

- The following motion was recommended for presentation at the next 1999 Annual Board meeting:

Under CIYSL League Format "Games can only be canceled for:", add the following to define "Reasonable Time":

The team responsible for the rescheduling must make itself available at any "Reasonable Time" the opponent wishes to play and again does not conflict with scheduled State Cup or registered tournaments. "Reasonable Time" would be on a Sunday during the dates published for the current season beginning at 10:00 AM and scheduled to be completed by sunset.

- The following motion was recommended for presentation at the next 1999 Annual Board meeting:

The "Call-for-Teams" will require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit be submitted with the "Team Notification" form by the form due date. The deposit will be credited to the registration fee when registering. If the team does not register or withdraws, the deposit will be forfeited. The $50.00 late fee for the "Team Notification" form will still apply if the form is received after the due date in addition to the deposit. This fee will first be applied to the Fall 1999 Call-for-Teams.

- For 1999 board member elections, Jay and Yomi would be returning. Renea and Phil would not be back.

The slate for the Board Members to be voted on at the February 7, 1999 meeting are:

Jay Ray returning

Yomi John returning

Alex Ferguson to replace Renea Berry

Dan Noeth to replace Phil Houghton (Bill Hall will serve on the Referee Committee)

ALSO: Nominations can still be made from the floor at the annual meeting.

The slate for the Board Officers to be voted on at the February 7, 1999 meeting are:

Jay Ray as President,

Lou Basso as Vice President,

Tom Kulavic as Second Vice President,

Mike Cotner as Secretary, and,

Steve Hutton as Treasurer.

ALSO: Nominations can still be made from the floor at the annual meeting.

- The next meeting will be the Annual Meeting and will be February 7, 1999 in Chatham.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:37 P.M.

 Respectfully Submitted
Mike Cotner


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