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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

November 22 1998

Present: Dave Hicks, Jay Ray, Bill Christophel, Tom Kulavic, Mike Cotner, Robert McGuire, Mel Koch, Jerry Bordenkircher

Absent:, Steve Hutton, Mark Herriott, Phil Houghton, Renea Berry, Lou Basso, Yomi John, Steve Berry

Called to order in Quincy @ 1:10 PM

NOTE: Tom Kulavic has been appointed by the SASA as charter representative to replace Alex Ferguson.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as given.



- David Hicks gave a Financial report.

Operating account #1362-60-107 has a deficit balance of -($1268.12)

Custodial Account #7977 has a balance of +($15,583.54) Note: $8,900.00 is Bond Money.


-Annual schedule is out and available on the IYSA WEB site.

-Need to find out where IYSA wants Central tryouts (Springfield is available and Sporting FC has mentioned that they would consider hosting..


-Phil was not present. He has missed more than three meetings. He is not interested in continuing on the board at the end of his tenure. Bill Christophel is looking for a replacement that would work with the referees.

- Board will consider "reducing" home games from Bloomington at the next meeting-- asked Mike Cotner to discuss with the BNSC and Steve Berry.

- We need problems reported in writing (should consider NOT addressing if not written).

- Dave Hicks is not getting written reports on Red Cards.


-Yomi John has been appointed as the new committee chairman for Appeals and Protest. Jerry Bordenkircher will serve on the committee.

- Again, we need problems reported in writing (should consider NOT addressing if not written).

- Discussed concerns from:

Dave Ramsey about Springfield's 2 man system, referee fees, field conditions.

Chris Gaspar's SFC 90 Premier game with Oscar Lambdin's team. (Motion passed that Jerry Bordenkircher will investigate and Jay Ray, as the Board representative, will establish proper action such as forfeit, no game, or play the game with when and where.)

Ron Mentgen's request for assessment against SASA (referred to Appeals & Protests).

Scheduling & Format:

- Recommended that the spring "Call for Teams" be sent by 1/4/99, and returned by 1/15/99; or, if late, teams will be assessed a $50.00 late fee.

- Start league play on March 28, and skip April 4th (Easter).

- Last games scheduled for 6/6 and two more weeks for make-up games.

- Season officially finishes on 6/20.

- Need a Scheduling committee meeting prior to the annual meeting (1/30 or 1/31). Bob wants to get a representative from each club and meet before the annual board meeting/call-for-teams.

- Bob wants a list of all teams from each area/club with age division and contact.

- Bob will try to arrange the February meeting in Chatham again.

WEB Report:

- Need to update the WEB for the Spring season.

- Bob asked that I update the calendar and set up the meetings for the entire 1999 year.

- Game reporting is low.

- Bob asked that the Call-for-Teams on the WEB have a generic return date for each year like 1/15 for the Spring and 7/15 for the fall.

- 757 hits.

Old Business

- License clinics-- need to hear from Lou Basso concerning license clinics at Sporting FC.

- Next Year ODP in Springfield or Peoria SFC. Need direction from IYSA and Sporting FC.


New Business

- Nominating committee of Jerry Brodenkircher and Bill Christophel for 1999 board member elections reported that Jay, Yomi and Renea would be returning. Phil would not be back. Also looking for a replacement for Steve Hutton. Will need a slate of officers at the next board meeting.

- Next meeting was set for Sunday, January 10 at 11:00 P.M. at the SFC's Sports center concession area.

- Annual Meeting will be February 7, 1999 (need more team involvement at the annual meeting).

- Dave Hicks reported from the IYSA Board meeting of October 18:

- Funds have been allocated for a youth referees program starting in metro Chicago.

- Next fall U10 State Cup will not have a playoff-- just round-robin.

- The state IYSA is coordinating constitutions changes with National-- we may need changes.

- Changes to the Tampering rules are being considered that, once rostered, would restrict transferring to another team the rest of the year.

- Entry into the Region II super league will be by tournament playoff format, not by State Cup results.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:27 P.M.

 Respectfully Submitted
Mike Cotner


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