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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

August 9, 1998

Present: Dave Hicks, Yomi John, Jerry Bordenkircher, Jay Ray, Robert McGuire, Lou Basso, Bill Christophel

Absent: Alex Ferguson, Renea Berry, Ryan Lakin, Steve Hutton, Phil Houghton, Mark Herriott, Mel Koch, Mike Cotner

Called to order at Glenwood Jr. Hi in Chatam/Springfield @ 11:17 am

Bill appointed acting Secretary

Minutes last meeting approved as given.


-Dave indicated few changes since last one-approved.


-A Jacksonville coach complained about process for breaking ties for league champion

+Make this subject at next meeting as general feeling was this and point system could use updating


-No one reported, some coaches at meeting who were at ODP indicated that it was about the same as always
-Next step is State team in Rockford where Northern and Central/Southern teams will try out for state team


-Bill C. had several written complaints about fees/#refs. Discussion resulted in the following direction:

+Bill C. would contact Randy Koors about getting name of ref for his complaint. An e-mail has been sent to Randy
+Phil needs to contact Champaign about 2 issues
# they seem to be major violator of fee schedule, others are isolated
# we need to get name of and why an official has not yet sent a player and a coach I.D. plus report to Springfield after issuing red cards
+Phil/board needs to re-write the part of rules pertaining to return of cards when team plays double header, red card issued game # 1 and player/coach sets out game 2. They should give cards back and file report noting this.
We can still take action if necessary.

-Will go with normal home game schedule for right now but, if we have continued issues with Champaign early in season, may have special board meeting or vote by phone to take some home games away from them. Bob M. agreed to redo schedule if this happened.


-Bob said he was ready

*Old Business

-E licensing went well. Input from couple people who were there was that they had about 22 pre-registered and 5 or 6 walk-ins for a total of about 30.

-We want to continue to have 1 or 2 per year. (personal note-Bill C.-SFC has one late August in Peoria-that should have been announced)

-Need to look into a D clinic also. This is 38 hours and instructor said they could do it in a 3 day weekend- -a long one

*New Business

-Dave Hicks reported following:

+Medical waiver has been revised and to advise all clubs etc. to use new one
+Needs cards by 8/24 for teams playing in league starting 8/30
+IYSA will no longer issue travel permits to u-10 or younger teams that want to go to out of state tournaments that give "position (first, second, third, fourth) awards, only those that give participation awards
+Risk management program is mandatory and state will conduct random checks for compliance

Next meeting was set for Friday 10/9 at 7:30 P.M. in Peoria at SFC complex.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:17 P.M.

The scheduling meetings took place as planned.

Respectfully Submitted
Bill Christophel
Acting Secretary


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