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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

January 11, 1998 

Present: Alex Ferguson, Dave Hicks, Lou Basso, Yomi John, Jerry Bordenkircher, Mike Cotner, Mel Koch Jay Ray, Bill Christophel, Mark Herriott, Ryan Lakin, Steve Hutton, Robert McGuire

Absent: Phil Houghton

Guests: Norm Locke and Randy Crady

The General Business meeting was called to order at 11:15.

Accepted the November 23, 1997 minutes.

Dave Hicks did not have a financial report.

Appeals and Protest:

Jay Ray had nothing to report. There have been no appeals or protests filed.

ODP Report:

Mike Cotner is the ODP Commissioner for the Central District. Any questions can be referred to Mike or the IYSA at (847) 290-1577. The Spring EXPO will be March 21. The combined Southern and Central District 1999 ODP tryouts will be July 18, 1998. If a player cannot make the July 18 date, they are welcome to tryout in Chicago on July 25. Additional information will be available soon and will be published on the IYSA WEB page.

Referee Reports:

Dave Hicks reported that at the last IYSA board meeting on December 6, it was discussed that a letter would be sent on the week of December 9 asking all the state referee committee members to resign and resubmit an application to be on the committee again. Charlie Dyson is currently administrating the state referee process.

Randy Crady reported that some sites were using the two referee system and that Bloomington was using a two man system most of the time. Ruben Horna was assigning a two man system in Bloomington. This is not sanctioned by IYSA or CIYSL. Some sites, using a two man system, expected the pay of a three man system.

CIYSL feels that each club/teem must have referees to accommodate the fields offered for play. If referees cannot be supplied, games may need to be scheduled at different sites in other communities.

A motion was passed to charge Phil Houghton with establishing a sub-committee, including Randy Crady, to: 1) discuss appropriate rule on when three man system should be used (the CIYSL view is U-11 and up, U-10 and below- 8 v 8- can be a one man/club linesman system); and 2) gather representatives from all the associations/areas to discuss the possibility of sharing referees with other towns. Hopefully this could be done for the beginning of the spring season. Bill Christophel will participate and co-chair with Phil. The sub-committee needs to meet as soon as possible, determine referees available at each site within 30 days, and communicate it to the scheduling committee for the spring schedule. CIYSL would like to see a league wide referee association.

Scheduling and Format:

Bob McGuire asked again that each of the clubs give him a list of all teams for the next season similar to Sporting F. C. Bob will use this to make sure he has all team notifications back. He wants it with the birth year, gender, and classic or premier, and a contact name/phone number. With this, he can be ready at the scheduling meeting and account for every team. Bob also needs any club tournaments. Bob McGuire has another FAX ( 217) 782-9961.

Old Business:

Dave Hicks distributed the final 97 CIYSL League results. Dave will arrange awards.

New Business:

The CIYSL wants to get to the position that all coaches are carded and have an "E" licenses reflected on the card. Discussed the "E" license requirement. Our intention, at this time, is to increase the coaching skills in general. Referees are not required to enforce the requirement of an "E" license or card requirement. At this point, there is no requirement that a "E" licensed coach be with the team at a game. The "E" license requirement was extended to the Fall season by the board at the August 10 meeting.

Mike Cotner volunteered to arrange an "E" license clinic during the ODP tryouts on July 18. Mel Koch will coordinate the site in Springfield.

The slate for the board officers to be voted on at the February 15, 1998 meeting are:

Jay Ray as President,

Lou Basso as Vice President,

Alex Ferguson as Vice President,

Mike Cotner as Secretary, and,

Steve Hutton as Treasurer.

The following Directors are up for election in February of 1998: 1) Lou Basso, 2) Steve Hutton, and 3) Bob McGuire. A motion was passed that these Directors be nominated at the Annual board meeting in February. Nominations can still be made from the floor at the annual meeting.

Mike Cotner nominated Renea M. Berry to replace Dave Maddox as a Board Director. A motion was made and passed appointing Renea Berry to the board taking Dave Maddox's position and tenure. She will be up for renomination at the February 1999 board meeting. Welcome Renea!

Ryan Lakin discussed the Bloomington/Normal Soccer Clubs opposition to double header weekends. He feels that there is too much time between game weekends (usually two weekends) and not enough time to train and adjust between games on double header weekends. It was pointed out that in the call-for-teams, most want double headers-- even the classic divisions. Most are filling the open slots with tournaments, state cup, or pick- up games.

The double headers also better prepare teams for the highly competitive tournament/state cup formats. It was suggested that Bloomington/Normal could contact each team in each age group and try to convince them to change format. If the majority of an age group agrees, the format could be adjusted. Adjustments to the schedule can be arranged after it is issued if opponents agree on an individual game basis; however, if they want to play as scheduled, the game must be so played.


Mark Herriott recommended that we look at long range planning. This has not been done since Ralph Mattia left.

He felt that we need a committee. Alex felt that the new board should address this at the February meeting.

The bylaws were set aside and the Annual Board meeting will be February 15 to give scheduling time to prepare (the call for teams are not due until 1/31). It will be hosted by Morton (Steve Hutton), at the Central Jr. High School at 601 Taylor in East Peoria. The board will meet at 11:00 and the Call for teams will be at 1:00.

The board meeting was closed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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