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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

June 9, 1997

Present: Alex Ferguson, Ryan Lakin, Dave Hicks, Lou Basso, Steve Hutton, Yomi John, Mel Koch,
Mike Cotner, Bill Christophel

Absent: Dave Maddox, Jay Ray, Robert McGuire, Jerry Bordenkircher, Phil Houghton, Mark Herriott

The General Business meeting was called to order at 7:30.

Accepted the February 2, 1997 minutes.

Dave Hicks did not have a financial accounting prepared.

Need "Official" maroon CIYSL shirt for the new board member (Bill Christophel)-- welcome Bill!

 Appeals and Protest:

Alex and Dave prepared a letter on the Freesmeier case.

A memo to the board from Jerry Bordenkircher was presented:

1. The first item was in reference to a protest by the Bloomington club against Ron Felker. Ron Felker has responded and the item is now referred to the Appeals and Protest committee (headed by Jay Ray) for recommendation to the board.

2. The second item was from Monica Thompson concerning a no-show by Peoria U-11 girls (Lady Blues) on May 11. The Board instructed the Secretary to send a letter of Assessment.

POST MEETING NOTE: After reviewing the request and talking to the Springfield site coordinator, it was determined that there was no referee fees to assess for. It appears that Monica Thompson wants a forfeiture for the Peoria team, and a letter of reprimand. This should be addressed after the official last day of league play (June 22). Also of interest is that Monica Thompson's phone number listed in the Spring Schedule as SC (Site Coordinator) is incorrect-- it is listed as 217-244-4357 and should be 217-224-4357.

3. The third item is also a request for forfeitures and letters of reprimand for Quincy and against Morton and Champaign. This will need to be addressed after the official last day of league play (June 22). Morton has paid a referee fee. Some question as to the schedule being held up?

Jerry concluded that "... Quincy consistently travels the great distances to play their games, and most always fulfill their schedule obligations". Jerry's implications is that other clubs may not be fulfilling their obligations and seeks remedy or there may be a decline in participation by Quincy teams.

Dave Hicks will send a note with the league standings to remind team coaches that all league games must be played by June 22 to be considered in the final standings.

Referee Reports:

Dave Hicks had three items to refer to the Referee Committee:

1. John Gallaher of the Quincy Soccer Club concerning officiating at Lincoln on May 18.

2. Tom Bahr of SFC concerning the officiating at Champaign on April 27.

3. Tony Cieszkiewicz protesting 2 man system at Springfield on April 6.

Dave Hicks clarified that we can have one referee and two club linesman with the referee on the field for U10 through U14 or three referees with one on the field and two as linesmen. The U15 and above must have three referees with one on the field and two as linesmen. The point is that a system with two referees on the field (usually meaning no linesmen) is not sanctioned by the CIYSL or IYSA.

ODP Report:

Dave Maddox was not present. Any questions can be referred to the IYSA at (847) 290-1577.

We are looking for someone to help with ODP. Please look within our clubs for an ODP coordinator.

Scheduling and Format:

A call for teams will be mailed by the end of June and due back by July 31. Bob McGuire will have a scheduling and format committee meeting after the August 10 board meeting at 1:00 followed by the Call-for-Teams.


Quincy is planning a class "E" license clinic for either the weekend of August 2&3 at the John Wood Community college. Please advise coaches that may be interested. For more information, contact Jerry Bordenkircher in Quincy at (217)223-3318.

Next board meeting will me hosted in Bloomington (Ryan Lakin) on August 10 at 11:00 AM. A Fall scheduling meeting will be held at 1:00 PM.

The board meeting was closed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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