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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

February 2, 1997

Present: Alex Ferguson, Jay Ray, Dave Hicks, Lou Basso, Steve Hutton, Robert McGuire, Yomi John,
Phil Houghton, Jerry Bordenkircher, Mark Herriott, Mike Cotner

Absent: Ryan Lakin Dave Maddox Mel Koch

The General Business meeting was called to order at 11:00.

Accepted the January 5, 1997 minutes.

Dave Hicks presented a financial accounting and it was accepted by the board.

SECRETARY NOTE: Account 1362-70-106 (107?) 1997 1996

Income + $9,963.75* $10,053.00

Expense - $10,182.50 $8,750.00

Difference = $-218.75 $+1303.00

Account 7977 1997 1996

Balance + $17,597.94 $12,157.41

Bond Money - $6,550.00 $5,600.00

Difference = $+11,047.94** $+6557.41**

* Dave reported that this was not a final figure because the YMCA has a balance of about $740.00 more than shown that he will need to reconcile.

** Both figures have a liability for Fall awards.

Appeals and Protest:

Alex and Dave are preparing a letter on the Freesmeier case.

The Gaspar letter was sent. Copies need to be sent to Dave Hicks for IYSA and to Mike Cotner to file with the CIYSL.

ODP Report:

Dave Maddox was not present. There is one Illinois State Select pool team evaluation session left. Selected players have been notified and are expected to attend either a February 12 or February 17 session at the Odeum in Villa Park. Any questions can be referred to the IYSA at (847) 290-1577 or Dave Maddox at (217)-483-2362.

Referee Reports:

Phil's letter concerning conduct and the players code was distributed to all CIYSL associations and teams via the Call-for-Teams. There was no intent to target specific teams/coaches-- all were given copies. Mark Herriott discussed difference in league referee fees-- especially the Eastern areas verses other areas. A motion to establish a more uniform referee structure made and unanimously approved by all representatives that said:

The official league approved referee fees for referee/linesmen for scheduled, official league games would be:

U8, U9, U10 = $20/$10

U11, U12, U13, U14 = $25/$12.50

U15, U16 = $30/$15

U17, U18, U19 = $40/$20

Any fee in excess of these fees would be paid by the host team/club. This does not include friendly/pick up games that are not league scheduled. Any additional fees that a team/club may want to pay (travel expenses) are at the discretion of the local team/club.

NOTE: A two man system is not sanctioned by the CIYSL or IYSA.

Scheduling and Format:

Bob McGuire will have a scheduling and format committee meeting after the board meeting at 12:00 followed by the Call-for-Teams.

Old Business:

Mark Herriott brought up the fact that fall league winners had not been announced and no awards made. This speaks poorly of the league as a service. Chicago (NIYSL) reports game results weekly-- sometimes they are a week behind, but that isn't too bad. A motion was made and approved that said:

In order to be eligible for awards, by December 1 as final date for Fall and August 1 for Spring, a minimum of four league scheduled games reported as having been played.

SECRETARY NOTE: The following was extracted from the February 4, 1996 meeting minutes:

Game results will be reported weekly, and Dave Hicks will report bi-weekly to the board. District representatives need to make sure that the Site Coordinators, Age Coordinator, or whoever the District wants to report, should report by the Wednesday following the games. Each District Representative is responsible to see that games are reported for their district; however, they may determine best method of reporting for their district as long as it is reported in a timely manner.

SECRETARY NOTE: The following was extracted from the August 11, 1996 meeting minutes:

A motion was passed that each team must play 1/2 of their scheduled league games to qualify for CIYSL awards participation. If a fraction of a game results, the next whole game must be played. (Examples: Scheduled for 8, must play at least 4 to be eligible for CIYSL league awards. Scheduled for 7, must play at least 4 to be eligible.) Representatives were reminded to communicate to their districts that all CIYSL scheduled games must be played by the last scheduled weekend (November 10), and that scores must be reported within 30 days of the last league scheduled game to be eligible for league awards. This requirement is to accommodate a timely award process. It was agreed that the award process does not need board approval unless there is a dispute.


Sporting F C's Boys U11 won IYSA State Cup. Ten boys were placed on State Select teams and three girls made the State Select teams. Four boys went to Region II camp and one made USYSA U15 boys National team pool. Central Illinois hosted five major tournaments We should recognize those teams that win State Cup and CIYSL players that make ODP State Teams-- and beyond. Dave Hicks will draft letters of congratulation in these situations.

Dave Hicks is looking into an E/F license clinic at Lincoln College in late March. Next Fall, coaches will need a minimum of an E/F license. Mark Herriott pointed out that a coach from the Champaign area went to a "D" clinic in August and has yet to hear if he qualified.

SECRETARY NOTE: The following was extracted from the February 4, 1996 meeting minutes:

Alex made a motion, and was approved by the board, that we require all current team coaches be licensed within 18 months of today and all future coaches must be licensed within 18 months of becoming a team coach in CIYSL. The U11 and younger teams must have a coach with an "F" license, and U12 and older teams must have a coach with an "E" license. To enforce this, any team without a licensed coach by the due time will not be rostered. Exceptions, due to red card, the team coach can't make a game or whatever, need to be addressed. However, there should be a licensed coach on the sidelines for each game. This will apply to coach(s) carded with teams as registered with the IYSA.

The Meeting was adjourned.

A board meeting was convened to fill board openings and elect officers for the 97/98 year.

The slate for board members are:

Mike Cotner for a new 3 year term on the board,

Dave Hicks for a new 3 year term on the board, and,

Mel Koch for a new 3 year term on the board .

This slate was presented and approved unanimously.

The slate for officers are:

Alex Ferguson for his last term as President,

Lou Basso and Jay Ray as Vice Presidents,

Mike Cotner as Secretary, and,

Steve Hutton as Treasurer (replacing Ralph Mattia-- his term will be up in 1998).

This slate was presented and approved unanimously.

Bob McGuire will take over scheduling,

Dave Maddox as ODP (and replacing Dave Murphy-- his term will expire in 1999).

Still have a board opening (DeJarnette). Need a voting representative from the Peoria Soccer Club.

Next board meeting will me hosted in Morton (Steve Hutton) on May 10 at 4:00 PM.

The board meeting was closed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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