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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

January 5, 1997

Present: Alex Ferguson, Mel Koch, Jay Ray, Dave Hicks, Lou Basso, Robert McGuire, Mike Cotner,
Yomi John, Phil Houghton, Jerry Bordenkircher, Steve Hutton, Ryan Lakin

Absent: Mark Herriott Bill DeJarnette Dave Murphy

The General Business meeting was called to order at 12:00.

Accepted the November 6, 1996 minutes.

Dave Hicks has been ill and did not present a financial accounting. He will have one for the February annual meeting.

Appeals and Protest:

The following assessments were addressed by the Appeals & Protests committee:

3. Bill Shock of Pekin, U-18 Boys, April 28 in Quincy at 12:00 and 3:00 ($120.00).

This protest was dropped.

7. Steve Hutton of Morton, U-13 Boys Premier, September 8 in Bloomington at 1:00 ($50.00).

This was settled at the meeting with Steve Hutton paying the assessment for Morton directly to the Bloomington club.

A response from John Gaspar concerning the tampering protest, filed by Dan Noeth for the Peoria Soccer Club, was reviewed. The Appeals & Protest committee will prepare a response to John Gaspar. A copy of the committee's response should be sent to Dave Hicks for the IYSA and to Mike Cotner for the Central League records.

The Appeals and Protest Committee will send a letter of reprimand concerning the Freesmeier tampering complaint and Dave Hicks will censor the team's registration for a year.

ODP Report:

Dave Maddox, was appointed as the ODP Director of the CIYSL process for both the boys and girls at the last meeting. Lou Basso will be his assistant. Mike Cotner reported that there will be two Illinois State Select pool team evaluation/training sessions. Selected players have been notified and are expected to attend a January 20 and either a February 12 or February 17 session at the Odeum in Villa Park. Any questions can be referred to the IYSA at (847) 290-1577.

Referee Reports:

Phil followed up with Frank Parcells concerning the Quincy team in Champaign.

It was recommended that Phil's letter concerning conduct and the players code should be distributed to all CIYSL associations and teams.


Dave Hicks reported that the IYSA is looking at a Massachusetts position that restricts State Cup and Tournament play for U10 and below age players. He also reported that the national organization is no longer looking at changing to a calendar year birth classification.

Scheduling and Format:

1. Call for teams will be sent by Dave Hicks early next week .

2. A roster of club officers was turned in by Bloomington. Other districts still need to turn in a list of club officers to be on file with the CIYSL secretary.

3. Mel asked for a list from each area representative of size, location, and number of fields for each club for scheduling purposes.

4. Mr. Brent Teubel is encouraged to attend the next Call for Teams/Scheduling meeting on February 2, 1997.

The Annual board meeting will be Sunday, February 2, at 11:00 and hosted by Springfield at the YMCA. A meeting of the Scheduling Committee, led by Bob McGuire, will start at 12:30 to discuss scheduling concerns. The scheduling will start at 1:30. Anyone who plans to attend the scheduling meeting are also encouraged to attend the board meeting; however, if they only want to attend the scheduling process, they do not need to arrive until 1:30 PM.

The slate for next February election is:

Alex Ferguson for his last term as President,

Lou Basso and Jay Ray as Vice Presidents,

Steve Hutton as Treasurer (and replacing Ralph Mattia-- his term will be up in 1998),

Mike Cotner as Secretary and a new 3 year term on the board,

Dave Hicks as Registrar and League Director and a new 3 year term on the board,

Mel Koch for a new 3 year term on the board (he is leaving the scheduling process),

Bob McGuire will take over scheduling,

Dave Maddox as ODP (and replacing Dave Murphy-- his term will expire in 1999),

The Bloomington Normal Soccer Club is looking for U14 and U16 players to join their club on a July trip to Europe and the Holland Cup for about $1900.00. A deposit of $200.00 by the end of January is required.

The board meeting was closed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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