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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

November 6, 1996

Present: Alex Ferguson, Mel Koch, Jay Ray, Dave Hicks, Lou Basso, Robert McGuire, Mike Cotner,
Yomi John, Phil Houghton, Jerry Bordenkircher

Absent: Bill DeJarnette, Ryan Lakin, Dave Murphy, Mark Herriott, Ralph Mattia

The General Business meeting was called to order at 7:00.

Accepted the August 11, 1996 minutes.

Dave Hicks reported that Spring awards have been mailed. He also reported that he would try to have League standings and awards out before the end of the year.

Dave Hicks presented a financial accounting and it was accepted by the board.

Jay Ray was asked to head the Appeals and Protest Committee and he agreed. Committee members assisting Jay are Yomi John, Lou Basso, and Jerry Bordenkircher.

Appeals and Protest

The Appeals and Protest Committee is addressing the Freesmeier tampering complaint and will send a letter of reprimand. The following assessments were turned over to Appeals & Protests:

3. Bill Shock of Pekin, U-18 Boys, April 28 in Quincy at 12:00 and 3:00 ($120.00).

Pat Graff responded that they protest the assessment. (Appeals & Protest item)

(Secretary Note: Jerry Brodenkircher contacted me on 8/16 and indicated that the Quincy people were not notified of the intention to not play until the Saturday evening before the Sunday game)

5. Ron Felker of Quincy Storm, U-16 Boys, May 16 in Bloomington at 2:30 ($60.00).

Ron Felker felt the assessment was out of line. (Appeals & Protest item)

Dave Hicks read a response from Ron Felker (no copies were distributed).

Alex felt Bill Lee should review Ron's response and respond.

NOTE: There was no response from Bill Lee; therefore, this is closed with no assessment by Appeals & Protest.

6. Gary Travis of Peoria 77-78, U-18 Boys, May 5 in Bloomington at 4:00 ($70.00).

Gary didn't feel he didn't do any thing wrong. (Appeals & Protest item)

NOTE: The Appeals & Protest settled #6 by taking the assessment from the bond money.

New "Notice of Assessment":

7. Steve Hutton of Morton, U-13 Boys Premier, September 8 in Bloomington at 1:00 ($50.00).

Their opponents (SASA Raiders) were there for the 3:00 game. Morton indicated to the Bloomington

club that the League schedule was too late. There was conversation as to whether League schedules were

available in time and Dave Hicks indicated that the schedule were mailed on the Monday before.

A tampering protest was filed by Dan Noeth for the Peoria Soccer Club against John Gaspar of the Sporting Football Club with the IYSA. The IYSA has forwarded it to the CIYSL The Appeals & Protest committee will address this by first giving John Gaspar a chance to respond to the protest. Lou and Yomi will not participate in the Appeals & Protest committee process due to their involvement with the Sporting Football Club.

Referee Reports:

1. Phil Houghton reported a referee incident in Springfield. A young referee was abused by both coaches and fans.

2. Dave Hicks pointed out a problem with U-10 parents and coaches of a Peoria team yelling at referees. Yomi has addressed this with the Peoria coach. Concerned about two man referee system. A two man system is not sanctioned by the IYSA and USSF as pointed out in the "League Format" that is included in the schedule packets-- please review the IYSA & CIYSL's position outlined in the packets.

3. Jerry Bordenkircher discussed an incident where a goalie was injured in Champaign when Quincy played Peoria. Dave Hicks passed out copies of a letter from Dan North concerning this incident. Two differing views of the incident; however, both felt that the referee let the game get out of hand. It was a two man referee system There is no official protest.

4. The Bloomington Club feels the league should go back to single game weekends because the good referees are refereeing college games; therefore, fewer are available and it is more difficult to make up double game weekends with multiple teams. A Bloomington parent has complained that the two man system cost the team two games. (They are reminded by the Board to review the IYSA's position and that they can protest the game if they properly follow the rules-- play the game)

5. Discussed procedures for handling complaints concerning referee's abilities. All clubs are encouraged to have a referee assessment process. A referee assessor must be certified by the USSF.

ODP Report:

Dave Murphy indicated to Alex that he wanted to step aside from the ODP process. Dave Maddox, who has worked with the ODP process, would like be appointed as the ODP Director of the CIYSL process for both the boys and girls. The CIYSL board approved the appointment. Lou Basso asked to be his assistant and it was so approved. State pool tryouts are next weekend at Edwardsville.

Scheduling and Format:

1. Call for teams will be sent by Dave Hicks in late December, due back by the end of January for scheduling at the February board meeting.

2. A roster of all club officers was requested from the various district representatives.

3. Mr. Brent Teubel, from the Peoria Soccer Club's 87 Eagles, addressed the board with concerns about playing soccer on Sunday mornings which conflicts with religious service attendance. He felt that this perspective gives young soccer players the wrong impression. Several clubs have had this concern. Mr. Teubel presented a proposal for scheduling to avoid this situation. The scheduling committee pointed out that, although the proposed schedule may work in Peoria, other locations do not have enough fields to accommodate all of the games for the various age groups if the afternoon. Also, to play in Quincy at 2:00 PM, a Peoria team would need to leave by about 10:00 AM. The board indicates that conflicts need to be mentioned in the call for teams. There is no rule against playing on weeknights or Saturday's but fields are difficult to find due to recreation play on Saturdays. Mr. Teubel is encouraged to attend the next Call for Teams/Scheduling meeting on February 2, 1997. Lastly, he is reminded that he can contact the opposing coach and reschedule any game that the opponent agrees to.

Alex appointed a nominating committee of Lou Basso, Jay Ray, and Alex to address the open board positions that should be nominated at the next board meeting for election at the February 2 annual meeting. Nominations can still be made from the floor at the annual meeting. The following members are up for election in February of 1997: 1) Mike Cotner, 2) David Hicks, and 3) Mel Koch. In addition, Ralph Mattia has resigned (his term is not up until February 1998). The board voted and approved a nomination of Steve Hutton to fill Ralph's open position until the next Annual board meeting. In addition, Mr. Bill De Jarnette and Mr. Dave Murphy have missed three meetings and according to the CIYSL Bylaws, Article V, Section 14 "Absenteeism'', they ceased to be Directors. Their positions will be opened for nominations at the next board meeting. Neither De Jarnette nor Murphy are prevented from filling their vacancies if they wish to apply for and are elected by the board again. The Treasurer position is still open. It would appear that we have six positions to vote on at the annual board meeting.

The next meeting will be hosted by Peoria at Lou Basso's house on Sunday, January 5 at 12:00.

The Annual board meeting will be Sunday, February 2 and hosted by Springfield.

The board meeting was closed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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