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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

August 11, 1996

Present: Alex Ferguson, Mel Koch, Jay Ray, Dave Hicks, Ralph Mattia, Robert McGuire, Mike Cotner,
Yomi John, Mark Herriott, Jerry Bordenkircher

Absent: Bill DeJarnette, Ryan Lakin, Phil Houghton, Dave Murphy, Lou Basso

The General Business meeting was called to order at 11:30.

Presentation made by Gus Bender, President, CIYSL.

A second league has been approved in the South.

Grants for the economically disadvantaged may be available- contact Gus for information.

Gus mentioned that the IYSA Director of coaching , Frank Speth, would be available to address clubs throughout the state. Alex indicated that we would invite him to our next board meeting.

Presentation made by Scott Hollis-- the new assistant coach for the ISU Woman's Soccer program.

Accepted the May 10, 1996 minutes.

Dave Hicks presented a financial accounting and it was accepted by the board.

Spring 96 CIYSL League winners were:

U 9 Boys First was 87 Peoria Eagles Second was SASA Raiders 87

U 10 Boys Premier First was Sporting F. C. 86 Second was BNSC Avanti Aces

U 11 Boys Premier First was Sporting F. C. 85 Second was SASA Raiders 85 Storm

U 11 Boys Classic First was BNSC Thunder Second was Morton Blaze

U 12 Boys Premier First was SASA Raiders Red Second was Eagle Snack Raiders 84

U 12 Boys Classic First was Carlinville Cobras Second was Jacksonville Jax

U 13 Boys Premier First was Quincy Hearts Best Kept Lawns Second was Peoria Amoco Eagles

U 13 Boys Classic First was Quincy Aces Second was Charleston UTD

U 14 Boys Premier First was BNSC Pepsi Second was Peoria Burger King

* U 14 Boys Classic First was Peoria 82 Classic Eagles Second was Danville S. C.

U 15 Boys Premier First was Shudo-Kan Storm Second was Quincy Hearts/McDonalds

U 15 Boys Classic First was S & K Eagles Second was Morton Blaze

U 16 Boys Premier/Classic First was Mt Zion Killer Bees Second was Peoria S.C. 80 Eagles

U 18 Boys Premier First was F. C. Hearts Second was Peoria Soccer LUB 79

U 18 Boys Classic First was Charleston UTD Second was Flatland UTD

U 11/12 Girls First was LISC Storm Second was Morton Blaze

U 13/14 Girls First was Quincy Lightning Second was Morton Blaze

* No CIYSL award, formed own schedule, did not play CIYSL schedule (Board motion approved for "No Award").

A motion was passed that each team must play 1/2 of their scheduled league games to qualify for CIYSL awards participation. If a fraction of a game results, the next whole game must be played. (Examples: Scheduled for 8, must play at least 4 to be eligible for CIYSL league awards. Scheduled for 7, must play at least 4 to be eligible.) Representatives were reminded to communicate to their districts that all CIYSL scheduled games must be played by the last scheduled weekend (November 10), and that scores must be reported within 30 days of the last league scheduled game to be eligible for league awards. This requirement is to accommodate a timely award process. It was agreed that the award process does not need board approval unless there is a dispute.

Bob McGuire discussed a "Score Coordinator" for the Boys U9, U10 Premier, & U11 Classic to report to Dave Hicks. This would facilitate season end award processing. The board did not feel this needed board action and that if Bob wanted to coordinate it, he was welcome to. Bob mentioned a fee (for postage, envelopes, & printing); however, the board was opposed to presenting another fee for youth to play soccer that was attributed to the board in any way.

Dave Hicks distributed copies of Dan Freesmeier's response to Ryan Lakin's tampering complaint. No one had a prior opportunity to read the material. There is not a head of appeals and protest at this time. Alex said he would offer the position to someone, but would like to do it privately-- outside of this board meeting. Alex would like to put this with Yomi John, but would like two other members to step up and read this and help Yomi. Dave mentioned that Mike Cotner and Jay Ray were on the last appeals process. Mike Cotner has participated in the protest from BNSC and should recuse himself. Dave Hicks also should recuse himself. Therefore, Mark Herriott, Jay Ray and Yomi John will review the tampering protest and present it at the next meeting. Dave will assist in league or state position.

The following "Notice of Assessments" were discussed:

1. Mike Smiricky of Champaign, U-18 Boys, March 31 in Springfield at 3:00 ($53.00).

Mike Smiricky said to take it out of the Little Illini bond money

2. Rodger Malone of Bloomington, U-12 Boys, April 14 in Quincy at 1:00 ($50.00).

Assessment settled between Bloomington team and the Quincy Referee

3. Bill Shock of Pekin, U-18 Boys, April 28 in Quincy at 12:00 and 3:00 ($120.00).

Pat Graff responded that they protest the assessment. (Appeals & Protest item)

(Secretary Note: Jerry Brodenkircher contacted me on 8/16 and indicated that the Quincy people were not notified of the intention to not play until the Saturday evening before the Sunday game)

4. Tom Tiffin of Jacksonville, U-16 Boys, May 16 in Bloomington at 1:00 ($60.00).

Money forwarded to Dave Hicks by Tom Tiffin

5. Ron Felker of Quincy Storm, U-16 Boys, May 16 in Bloomington at 2:30 ($60.00).

Ron Felker felt the assessment was out of line. (Appeals & Protest item)

Dave Hicks read a response from Ron Felker (no copies were distributed).

Alex felt Bill Lee should review Ron's response and respond.

6. Gary Travis of Peoria 77-78, U-18 Boys, May 5 in Bloomington at 4:00 ($70.00).

Gary didn't feel he didn't do any thing wrong. (Appeals & Protest item)

Quincy is changing referee fee schedule to try to match other districts. The Quincy participants were asked to get the new fee schedule to Dave Hicks and Phil Houghton so that the proper fees are communicated to the districts in the fall schedule.

Mel Koch passed out the CIYSL Fall 1996 Scheduling Notes that included the current conflict table. The only division that elected a "Classic Schedule - non-double headers" was the U12 Girls Classic. With only two teams in the Boys U-11 Classic, they may be scheduled with another division. November 10 is the ODP weekend.

The "Failure to Play" proposal was discussed. Mark Herriott reported that the "Young Sportsman" League has a $100.00 No-Play fee. The Indiana premier league has a $200.00 fee. Northern Illinois has a $100.00 fee. Dave Hicks suggested the possibility of not allowing a team to register with Central if they did not play scheduled games. They could still register directly with the state. Mel Koch suggested that we collect referee fees (if uniform across the League) for the entire season at registration that would be forfeited for non-play. No action was taken on the "Failure to Play" proposal. Dave Hicks was asked to put together his suggestion into a proposal about holding a team in bad standing. Mike Cotner indicated that a $50.00 or $100.00 fee for not playing was less severe than a "Bad Standing" with IYSA.

The next meeting will be October 6 and will be hosted in Morton at 1:00.

The board meeting was closed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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