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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

May 10, 1996

Present: Alex Ferguson, Mel Koch, Jay Ray, Dave Hicks, Ralph Mattia, Robert McGuire, Ryan Lakin,
Phil Houghton, Mike Cotner, Dave Murphy, Lou Basso, Jerry Bordenkircher

Absent: Yomi John, Mark Herriott, Bill DeJarnette

The General Business meeting was called to order at 7:00.

Accepted the February 4, 1996 minutes.

Dave Hicks presented a financial accounting.

Dave Hicks discussed a protest he has received. The protest involved a Bloomington player named Jered that has now been rostered on a team in Lincoln by Dan Freesmeier. Dave Hicks will send the protest to Mr. Freesmeier for response.

Dave Murphy reported on ODP. Changes coming up-- (1.) Tryouts will combine Southern & Central due to numbers and team size may vary from previous standards, (2.) boys and girls will tryout the same days-- July 27 and 28, (3.) There will be a team tryout at the district level only for 84s, the youngest ages to advance to state pool tryouts would be 83s. This will give experience at tryouts to the 84s but not the disappointment of rejection.

The secretary will send a "Notice of Assessment" for referee fees to coaches of teams that failed to notify of game cancellations in a timely manner as outlined in the league format. The offending coach will be asked to send an amount equal to the site referee fee for games canceled. The assessment or a protest filed with the CIYSL is due within 14 days of the date of the notice. If the fee or a protest is not received within 14 days, the fee will be withdrawn from the bond fund of club that registered the team and the team may be held in bad standing. The following were filed at this board meeting:

1. Mike Smiricky of Champaign, U-18 Boys, March 31 in Springfield at 3:00 ($53.00).

2. Rodger Malone of Bloomington, U-12 Boys, April 14 in Quincy at 1:00 ($50.00).

3. Bill Shock of Pekin, U-18 Boys, April 28 in Quincy at 12:00 and 3:00 ($120.00).

4. Tom Tiffin of Jacksonville, U-16 Boys, May 16 in Bloomington at 1:00 ($60.00).

5. Ron Felker of Quincy Storm, U-16 Boys, May 16 in Bloomington at 2:30 ($60.00).

6. Gary Travis of Peoria 77-78, U-18 Boys, May 5 in Bloomington at 4:00 ($70.00).

A motion was made and passes that said : As a policy, the schedules set and issued by the league must be played and should NOT be altered unless all coaches in an age group have agreed to a new schedule and that schedule is reissued through the league office. This does not include games of an age group being made up due to inclement weather, state cup, or tournaments. Two incidents in U-14 and U-10 were noted.

A motion was made to elect the existing officers to another term. This would include Alex Ferguson as President, Mike Cotner as Secretary, Jay Ray as 1st. Vice President, Lou Basso as 2nd. Vice President. The motion was passed. The position of Treasurer is open and needs action. Alex felt that this should be filled by a person from the Champaign area to keep a district balance on the board. Also, a committee chairperson is needed for Appeals and Protest. Alex has indicated a candidate for Appeals and Protest and will contact that person via Lou Basso.

Game results were to be reported bi-weekly. Dave Hicks indicated that there was very poor reporting and that the coaches will be contacted in a couple of weeks with current standings. Dave did mention that Jane Fischer had done an excellent job.

Call for teams for the fall will be mailed around the first of July and due July 28. There is a $50.00 fee if late.

Dave Hicks reported that the state is sending out a new roster that hasn't changed much. On the bottom is a statement of waiver that the coach must sign. And, each coach will receive a photo copy of a "Waiver of Liability" that the coach is to copy for all players, have them completed, and keep in his possession.

The next meeting will be August 4 and will be hosted in Bloomington.

The board meeting was closed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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