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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

February 4, 1996

Present: Alex Ferguson, Mel Koch, Jay Ray, Dave Hicks, Ralph Mattia, Robert McGuire, Yomi John, Ryan Lakin, Phil Houghton, Mike Cotner, Mark Herriott, Lou Basso, Jerry Bordenkircher

Absent: Tom Bones, Dave Murphy

The General Business meeting was called to order at 12:15.

Motion to change the Annual meeting from " the third Sunday of February" to "the first Sunday in February" was passed.

Accepted the December 1, 1995 minutes.

Alex has asked that Mark Herriott investigate how other leagues view the cancellation of play for reasons other than those stated in the format. When we see how this is handled in the South, North, and Young Sportsman League we will address the proposal outlined at the last meeting.

Fall plaques were discussed. League winners were:

U 9 Boys Premier First was Peoria 87 Eagles, Second was BACH 87

U 10 Boys Premier/Classic First was BNSC Avanti's, Second was Peoria 86 Eagles

U 11 Boys Premier First was SASA Raiders 85 Second was LISC Strikers

U 11 Boys Classic First was BACH 85 Second was Morton Blaze

U 12 Boys Premier First was LISC Lightning Second was SASA Raiders Red

U 12 Boys Classic First was BNSC Dragons Second was Danville SC

U 13 Boys Premier First was LISC Second - insufficient data to determine

U 13 Boys Classic First was Morton Blaze Second was Mt. Zion Sting

U 14 Boys Premier First was Peoria 82 Premier Eagles Second - BNSC Team Pepsi

U 14 Boys Classic First was Danville Second - insufficient data to determine

U 11/12 Girls First was Morton Blaze Second was Sporting FC

U 13/14 Girls First was SASA Thunder Second - insufficient data to determine

U 15/16 Girls First-insufficient data to determine Second - insufficient data to determine

U 17/19 Girls First-insufficient data to determine Second - insufficient data to determine

Dave Hicks presented a financial accounting.

State Cup Finals for Boys and Girls are June 8 for U14, U15, U16, and June 9 for U17, U18, U19, and U20.

No ODP Information. Yomi questioned as to whether CIYSL would practice as a group before the April 13/14 tryouts. Dave Hicks thought not and that there may be a different tryout format at Alton.

The only protests outstanding are with Yomi John in reference to the SASA referee coordinator indicating that on October 15, there were five "No Shows" that included two Peoria teams. Also, with the BNSC request for referee reimbursement for Steve Fagan's Eagle Snack (Girls U15/16) "No Show" that has been given to Tom Appelton.

Phil Houghton will be contacting people next week for a referee fee update and will get the information to Dave Hicks.

IYSA has appointed a Recreational Commissioner to represent all the recreational IYSA teams in the state that will have one vote on the IYSA Board. This is due to the dramatic growth of recreational soccer.

Mel Koch reported that he had 114 boys and 19 girls teams respond to the call for teams.

Game results will be reported weekly, and Dave Hicks will report bi-weekly to the board. District representatives need to make sure that the Site Coordinators, Age Coordinator, or whoever the District wants to report, should report by the Wednesday following the games. Each District Representative is responsible to see that games are reported for their district; however, they may determine best method of reporting for their district as long as it is reported in a timely manner.

Need a letter of congratulations to Peter Christophlokis on making the U15 national team. The secretary will prepare a letter.

The Nominating Committee chaired by Yomi John nominated: Jay Ray, Dave Murphy, and Phil Houghton for re-election. Mark Herriott nominated Bill DeJarnette (Champaign club president and CPA), from the floor, to represent the Champaign area. All were voted as board members for three years.

Alex made a motion, and was approved by the board, that we require all current team coaches be licensed within 18 months of today and all future coaches must be licensed within 18 months of becoming a team coach in CIYSL. The U11 and younger teams must have a coach with an "F" license, and U12 and older teams must have a coach with an "E" license. To enforce this, any team without a licensed coach by the due time will not be rostered. Exceptions, due to red card, the team coach can't make a game or whatever, need to be addressed. However, there should be a licensed coach on the sidelines for each game. This will apply to coach(s) carded with teams as registered with the IYSA.

The league secretary will begin keeping a CIYSL Calendar of Events. Please give Mike Cotner any activity you would like listed ( Coaches training, Referee licensing, CIYSL tournaments, etc..). Please supply Date, Time, Location, Event Name or Type, and Contact Person. No item will be listed without a contact name and phone number.

The next meeting will be the officers election. It will be March 15 and will be hosted in Bloomington.

Call for teams was completed.

The board meeting was closed and the scheduling committee started.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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