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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

December 1, 1995

Present: Alex Ferguson, Mel Koch, Jay Ray, Dave Hicks, Ralph Mattia, Robert McGuire, Yomi John, Ryan Lakin, Phil Houghton, Mike Cotner

Absent: Bruce Gardner Tom Bones Dave Murphy Mark Herriott Lou Basso

 The General Business meeting was called to order at 7:00.

Accepted the October 27, 1995 minutes.

Dave Hicks presented a financial accounting.

The board discussed reimbursing for travel expenses. We decided that the board members as volunteers would not request reimbursement. However, a motion was made to allow reimbursement of 25 cents a mile for travel expenses for anyone being paid for their action such as David Hicks when performing CIYSL business as League Director. Written documentation to the Treasurer is required. The motion was approved.

The board documented and legitimized a past practice of paying the Scheduling Committee Director $150 per season for scheduling effort. If the Director of the Scheduling Committee wishes to allocate money to other people helping, it is the Scheduling Director discretion. However, the maximum expense to the CIYSL will not exceed $150.00 and must be documented to the Treasurer. A motion to this affect was made and passed.

Fall trophy expenses were discussed. It was decided to have individual plaques for each player on the divisional championship teams. Teams can have them personalized, if they wish, by contacting Spinner Classic (Chris Spinner). The second place teams will get a team plaque.

Discussed the Gulley protest. The Protest committee recommended Michael Gulley be reprimanded for signing a roster with one team and then going to practice with another team. The Board felt a two to five game suspension would be an appropriate response for Michael Gulley's actions. Due to the fact that Michael Gulley had to miss two league games and five tournament games because a card could not be issued was determined to be proper penalty. Michael Gulley was allowed to play while this issue was addressed so as to not impede the interest of the player. The board felt Mr. Houghton did what he should have when he found out Michael Gulley was rostered with another team. A motion to this effect was made and passed. The Protest Committee will send a disciplinary letter to Michael Gulley and an advisory letter of caution will be sent to Phil Houghton.

Phil Houghton had a referee fee update; however, there are a few open items. Phil is still looking for some contacts. Phil was given Paul and Terry Walker for Springfield as contacts, and Rob Rope was the contact for Morton.

In order to facilitate more timely scheduling, the date of the Annual Members Meeting will be changed to February 4 and is considered a Special meeting.

We will send out the call for teams as soon as possible so we can have them back by January 15 and have schedules as soon as possible after a special meeting on February 4, 1996. On the Call for Teams, we will ask for the team contact person instead of the assistant coach for mailing purposes. The scheduling committee will have a conflict table for each district by the February meeting. Since the next meeting is a membership meeting, anyone present that wants to get involved in the scheduling process is welcome. We are hoping to see coaches participating in the process and would like to find age coordinators for each age group.

The following proposal was presented:

"Teams are required to play games as scheduled by the CIYSL board. Teams may reschedule games due to State Cup conflicts, sanctioned tournaments, or inclement weather (determined by the site coordinator) without penalty. The team responsible for the rescheduling must make itself available at any reasonable time the opponent wishes to play and again does not conflict with scheduled State Cup or registered tournaments. "Reasonable Time" would be on a Sunday during the dates published for the current season between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Failure to play the rescheduled game will result in a $100.00 fine to the rescheduling team's club. Other than the three reasons for rescheduling, outlined above, the league will allow one additional date (this may include a double header) to be rescheduled per season. Again, the team responsible for the rescheduling must make itself available at any reasonable time the opponent wishes to play that does not conflict with scheduled State Cup or registered tournaments. Any rescheduling not allowed for above, or games not played, will result in a $100.00 fine to the offending team's club."

Alex indicated that the Southern League fine is $25.00 for failure to play. He will try to get examples of rules from other leagues. We tabled the above proposal to discuss at the February meeting.

Ralph Mattia presented his outline of a long term plan.

Alex Ferguson appointed Mike Cotner, Yomi John, and himself as the Nominating Committee for the upcoming Director elections. A motion was approved that Yomi John Chair the Nominating Committee. Jay Ray, Tom Bones, Dave Murphy, and Phil Houghton are up for re-election.

Yomi John gave Alex Ferguson a follow-up response to the letter from the SASA referee coordinator indicating that on October 15, there were five no shows. Two were Peoria teams. Alex will address the follow-up with SASA.

Alex indicated that the BNSC request for referee reimbursement for Steve Fagan's Eagle Snack (Girls U15/16) NO SHOW will be paid.

Ryan Lakin asked about combining two teams from BNSC at the Boys U-13 age whose numbers have decreased to 11 or 12. It was pointed out that the board voted last February to restrict the adding of previously rostered players to a maximum of three per soccer year. He was advised to submit a written request to the board as soon as possible so it could be acted on by the spring season.

Meeting closed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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