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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

October 27, 1995

Present: Alex Ferguson, Dave Murphy, Mel Koch, Mark Herriott, Jay Ray, Dave Hicks, Ralph Mattia, Robert McGuire, Yomi John, Lou Basso, Mike Cotner
Absent: Bruce Gardner, Phil Houghton, Ryan Lakin, Tom Bones

 A Special Meeting was called to order at 6:30.

Approved various By-Law amendments to accommodate a 2nd. Vice -President.

Elected Lou Basso 2nd. Vice-President

Approved By-Law amendment of Article V, Section 15 to allow removal of an officer or director by two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors-- not two-thirds of the members.

Approved By-Law amendment of Article IV, Section to allow the President to convene a Special Meeting-- not the Secretary.

The Special Meeting was closed at 6:50.

The General Business meeting was called to order at 6:50.

Accepted the August 11,1995 minutes.

Lamination fees were discussed and a suggestion was made to include the fees in league fees. It was pointed out that league administration fee was increased $50.00. However, this fee was increased to pay past debts that arose from league awards, and increases in administration expenses. Also, future awards have also been planned. David Hicks discussed budget affect of this approach. The board approved lamination fees be taken out of the $50.00 fee increase.

Dave Hicks presented a financial accounting explanation and budget information. Dave has not posted the 1995 expenses.

Kip Deist has been replace by Ryan Lakin.

Game results were not collected. Mr. Hicks indicated that he will call all the coaches and get scores for the fall league play. Starting next spring, he will collect weekly scores from site coordinators and distribute timely reports to interested parties.

Discussed Gulley protest. No decision was made and the protest committee needs to address it again before the next meeting and make a recommendation.

The BNSC request for referee reimbursement for Steve Fagan's Eagle Snack (Girls U15/16) NO SHOW will be addressed at the next board meeting.

Alex Ferguson had a letter from the SASA referee coordinator indicating that on October 15, there were five no shows. Two were Peoria teams. Some question remains as to wheather the Springfield coordinator was called. Yomi John will follow up.

Considerable time and discussion was given to address Tom Bone's September draft to the board members concerning various league play and registration (A copy of Tom's Memo is included). The board agreed that we should share the following discussion about Tom's memo with our local affiliations and be prepared to take appropriate action at the December 1 board meeting. A summary of the board's discussion follows:

Item 1) The board felt that teams are already required to pay any fees established by the CIYSC Board.

Item 2) This discussion took two directions: First, there was no need to change procedures for those playing down who are in the eighth grade but too old for a U14 team. Spring is not a concern for boys because they can play with their regular team in the spring. Girls can play their regular team in the fall and can play down in the Spring. The league rules properly control the rosters with a limit of three playing down per team for league play. A motion was made and passed that we follow State IYSA rules and that we add "affecting those eighth graders without an opportunity to play high school soccer and accompanied by a written request to the registrar". Second, There was no opposition to allowing a team to play up into an older age division.

Item 3) The board felt this was addressed at the last meeting by approving a $50.00 fine for late "Call for Teams". Other items can be added as needed.

Item 4) The board had considerable discussion on how to encourage and/or require teams to play their regular scheduled league games. Most members wanted more persuasive approaches than Tom outlined. The board is encouraging each member to consider the following suggested motion and be prepared to discuss, amend, or approve it at the December meeting.

"Teams are required to play games as scheduled by the CIYSL board. Teams may reschedule games due to: 1) State Cup conflicts, sanctioned tournaments, or inclement weather (determined by the site coordinator) without penalty. The team responsible for the rescheduling must make itself available at any reasonable time the opponent wishes to play and again does not conflict with scheduled State Cup or registered tournaments. Failure to play the rescheduled game will result in a $100.00 fine to the rescheduling team's club. Other than the three reasons for rescheduling, outlined above, the league will allow one additional date (this may include a double header) to be rescheduled per season. Again, the team responsible for the rescheduling must make itself available at any reasonable time the opponent wishes to play that does not conflict with scheduled State Cup or registered tournaments. Any rescheduling not allowed for above, or games not played, will result in a $100.00 fine to the offending team's club."

In addition, Yomi John presented a "Proposal to revise CIYSL scheduling procedures" (copy included) that needs to be addressed as part of a complete scheduling package. Yomi pointed out that addressing these scheduling recommendations would help encourage league play by the Peoria teams. Each District Representative should review these proposals with the club(s) they represent so they can report back the response. The board discussed the proposals and agreed in general. The board noted that some of the lead times could not be met but we could improve on the current timing-- especially in the older age groups. Also, age groups could not work independently and develop conflicts with other age groups at the same site. Robert McGuire added that having age coordinators for each age would help and they should be involved in scheduling and should be a part of the scheduling process.

Item 5) The board agreed that exceptions to these items could always be addressed if timely and in writing.

Ralph Mattia will outline a long term plan at the next board meeting.

If a club has field restrictions (no alcohol, no driving on the grass, etc.) please include it on site maps.

We will meet December 1 -- hosted by Springfield.

Meeting closed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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