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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

August 11, 1995

Present: Alex Ferguson, Mike Cotner, Mel Koch, Mark Herriott, Tom Bones, Phil Houghton, Ralph Mattia, Robert McGuire, Yomi John, Lou Basso
Absent: Dave Murphy, Bruce Gardner, Dave Hicks, Kip Deist, Jay Ray

Called to Order at 6:30

Accepted the minutes.

Discussed Gilmore Transfer-- Tom Bones recommended that there was no indication of tampering and referenced a letter from the player's parent. After discussion, a motion was made and unanimously passed to accept Tom's recommendation and Tom will communicate this to both coaches and supply a copy of the parent's letter to the Bloomington coach.

Failure to Show-- $50 was paid to BNSC for the May 21 SASA 86, U-9 incident.

Site coordinator was discussed. It was determined that no additional action in the form of a motion was needed. The original motion left the disciplinary action up to the "discretion" of the board and can be addressed on a case by case basis as presented by the Appeals and Protest Committee. Therefore, first offense may result in bond forfeiture and additional offenses could be addressed as outlined in the original motion. Additional "Site Coordinator" information will be supplied on the fall schedules.

We will try to meet bi-monthly on the first Friday evening where possible. The next board meeting will be October 6 -- hosted by Peoria. We will meet December 1 -- hosted by Springfield. The bylaws require that we meet February 19 for the "Annual" meeting and Mel Koch is trying to arrange a vendor show and coaches workshops -- to be hosted in Springfield.

The numbers were down for ODP.

Phil Houghton indicated that he had not heard back from Ruben Horna but that he expected the referee fees to be the same as last year.

Lamination fees were discussed and a suggestion was made to include the fees in league fees. It was pointed out that league administration fee was increased $50.00. However, this fee was increased to pay past debts that arose from league awards, and increases in administration expenses. Also, future awards have also been planned. The board felt we should table this until David Hicks was present.

Tom Bones asked that David Hicks present an accounting of the budget. A motion was made that a financial statement with a budget report and checkbook balance be made at each meeting. (Secretary Note: The bylaws state that the Treasurer shall be responsible for monthly financial reports and for an Annual Financial Report to be approved at the Annual members Meeting.) The motion was passed unanimously.

New format for U-9s and U-8s. Alex Ferguson said that the state has resolved to continue at 11 -vs- 11 including tournaments until fall of next year. Fall of 96 will be 8 -vs- 8. Mark Herriott said he called David Hicks and David said they would be at 11 -vs- 11. Mark Herriott said that they had switched their tournament to 11 -vs- 11. Alex said we had the option but that tournaments were being sanctioned at 11 -vs- 11. Bob McGuire felt that the information should have been sent out by David Hicks when the decision was made to go 11 -vs- 11 for the league. A motion was made that U-9s and U-10s all be 11 -vs- 11 for the fall. The motion passed with 7 approved, and 2 passed. Alex then amended his motion to include the whole year, after the vote.

Bylaws require a Special Meeting or the Annual Meeting to amend the bylaws-- with proper notification. The board's intent is to amend the constitution to elect a second vice-president at the next meeting. It was passed unanimously. (Secretary Note: The October 6 meeting will be a "Special Meeting", called by the president, in which the voting members will be asked to amend the bylaws to include a second vice-president and make miscellaneous minor changes.)

Call for teams results were presented and some last minute changes were made. A motion was made and seconded that U-15 thru U-19 girls division be combined and played as a classic schedule. Opposition was presented due to the difference in player size for the age range. The motion was withdrawn.

The board needs to address the problem of teams not playing league games, but wanting cards to play tournaments. Tom Bones said he would try to get some information from the state concerning when this would be appropriate and try to draft a position for the board to consider at some future meeting.

Tom Bones felt that there should be a $50.00 fine to any club for each team in that club that submits a "Call for Teams" after the deadline date starting with the spring season. This was made a motion and passed unanimously.

Mark Herriott wanted a regular report of league standings during the season. It was suggested that the Site Coordinator be responsible for reporting game results to the league. Bi-weekly reporting to the District Representative was suggested.

Kip Deist indicated to the Bloomington-Normal Club that he was resigning the board as the Bloomington-Normal area District Representative and BNSC will recommend a replacement for board approval at the next board meeting.

Meeting closed.

Respectfully Submitted:

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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