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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

June 23, 1995

Present: Alex Ferguson, Dave Hicks, Mike Cotner, Dave Murphy
Mel Koch, Phil Houghton, Kip Deist, Ralph Mattia, Robert McGuire, Lou Basso, Yomi John
Absent: Jay Ray Tom Bones Bruce Gardner Mark Herriott

Called to Order at 6:30

Discussed Tom Bones Memo:

1. Mike Hanson Incident-- Board discussed and indicated that no action was necessary.

2. Gilmore Transfer-- This item was tabled until the next meeting. Dave Hicks has faxed a response from Sporting Football Club to Tom Bones who has not had time to respond and is not present tonight.

Based on the facts presented, the board has yet to determine that tampering exists.

3. Failure to Show-- The board agreed with Tom Bones' analysis. A $90 check was given to BNSC from SASA for the April 30 incident involving Boys U-16 Strikers Red , and an additional $50 will be paid to BNSC for the May 21 SASA 86, U-9 incident.

4. No Officials-- Appears to be a simple mistake in the local area involving confusion with the new area club and scheduling. It appears to have been worked out at this time. Considerable discussion followed concerning site responsibility and disciplinary action for failure to supply referees or fields.

It was determined that each age group site schedule should identify a "Site Coordinator"-- usually the home field team coach for the age group. This will be applied to the fall schedules. The "Site Coordinator" will be responsible for fields-- ready for play, and referees.

A motion was made and unanimously passed that said-- After proper board review and agreement, any local team assigned as "site coordinator" that fails to supply fields ready for play and referees; may, at the discretion of the board, be penalized. The Board in its discretion may impose penalties deemed appropriate for the offense, and may include but not necessarily be limited to a letter to the state IYSA recommending the effected team be placed in the status of "not in good standing" that would result in the team not being allowed to play in any tournaments and not being issued any travel permits for the next season (fall or spring, not both). The Chairman of Appeals and Protest will be responsible for presenting the offense and coordinating any appeal. The motion indicated the penalty would apply to the next season. (Recorder Note: How is the next season defined and does this comply with IYSA's handling? Is a team and a team coach the same when addressing the "Site Coordinator?"-- are we penalizing a coach, a team , or a club? This approach will need to be clarified at the next board meeting.)

More board meetings should be scheduled. We will meet again on Friday evening, August 11 and will be coordinated by Lou Basso. Lou will supply time and location directions.

Dave Murphy discussed ODP and pointed out the new Western District. He asked for names of possible selection coaches. He noted that Tom Bones' memo mentioned some complaints about coaches but he was not aware of any complaints. He noted that although there is a registration deadline of July 1, the deadline simply applies to a late fee. Walk in registration at the District tryout site on July 29 will be accommodated.

Additional Items Discussed:

No problems were identified with the Referee Fees. Discussed paying fees in advanced. Little support for paying in advanced was present and no action was taken. Fees are usually uniform except Quincy (low), and Charleston (high).

Schedules will be firmed up sooner by sending out the call for teams sooner. Problems result from adding teams after the schedule is completed. The "Call for Teams" will be due on the first of August. We will mail the forms out now from Dave Hick's office, due August 1, and they will be presented at the August 11 meeting. The double headers seem to be favored as teams/parents become more accustomed to them. There was a concern mentioned by Ralph Mattia that Morton has difficulties when a team cancels out. Time between games is established at a minimum of 30 minutes and we should remind the referees of this. The range of the fall season was noted that it got quite cold before the end of the season but no action was noted. There was a general acceptance of the way scheduling is being done.

Fees were discussed. Dave Hicks indicated that last year the fees were: $90.00 for the state, $42.00 for insurance, and $5.00 for a league fee to the state which brings the state fee to $137.00. We also pay a $50.00 league administration fee-- for a total of $187.00. This year the state fee will be $90.00, the league fee to the state will still be $5.00, and the insurance went up to $50.00 for a total state fee of $145.00. Dave Hicks asked for an increase of the league administration fee to $100.00 (an increase of $50.00). He pointed out that these fee have not increased in several years and we are now offering awards and increased expenses for league administration. The new total would be $245.00 per year. A motion was made to accept the proposed increases and it was passed unanimously. (Note: There will be a coaches card required next year and there will be a fee-- probably $5.00 each.)

Motion to amend the constitution to elect a second vice-president at the next meeting was presented. It was passed unanimously.

Mel Koch asked for board permission to investigate the possibility of a vendor show at the next annual board meeting-- similar to the state meeting but smaller. It was granted.

SASA is scheduling a licensing clinic on September 9.

New format for U-9s and U-8s. The U-10s may be 8-vs.-8-- Not settled yet! A roster of 14 max. Smaller fields. More teams. Will be a major concern at the next Board meeting.

Phil asked for Girls teams above U-14 for next fall. Morton said they will have a U-16 and U-18. Springfield will go "South".

Meeting closed.

Respectfully Submitted:

Mike Cotner, CIYSL Secretary


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