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** Central Illinois Youth Soccer League games are auspiciously sanctioned by the IYSA and USYSA. Therefore, the CIYSL games MUST BE PLAYED in accordance with FIFA-USSF "Laws of the Game".

** All league games must be completed by the official end of the season published in the season Schedule.

** A team that fails to show for a scheduled league game, and does not provide "Sufficient" notification to the opposing team coach/manager, site coordinator, or referee assignor, will be assessed the referee fees for that match. Failure to pay the fees within two weeks of the match may result in the team being placed in "Bad" standings by the league. "Sufficient" (timely) notification is considered "NO later than" the Wednesday just prior to the scheduled game date.

** A team short of players does NOT warrant canceling or rescheduling a scheduled game. These games must be played as stated on the schedule or forfeited.

** Games can only be canceled for:

1. Teams that are participating in a sanctioned tournament.
2. Teams that are participating in IYSA State Cup game(s).
3. Inclement Weather-- determined by the Referee or Site Coordinator.

** Rescheduled Games:

The team responsible for the rescheduling must make itself available at any "Reasonable Time" the opponent wishes to play and does not conflict with scheduled State Cup or registered tournaments. The CIYSL recognizes Sunday as the official day for league play. However, games may be made-up during any dates within the current season and beginning no earlier than 10:00 AM and scheduled to be completed by sunset.

** Individual coaches and or clubs cannot declare forfeits. If a game is not played as scheduled, please report the incident particulars to the League Office where the decision will be made.

** The home team has 15 minutes from the scheduled kick-off time to field a team (minimum of 7 players)

** An away team has 30 minutes from the scheduled kick-off time to field a team (minimum of 7 players)

** If a team play two matches in a day, the team has a right to a 30 minute minimum and 60 minute maximum break between matches.

** IYSA Roster and ID Cards

It is the responsibility of the team coach/manager to have the Pink copy of the IYSA Roster and player ID Cards in their possession at every sanctioned game. The team coach or manager are responsible to keep the cards unless retained by a referee (game official) due to a "RED" card as outlined below. Players are required to show their ID Cards in order to play. ID Cards must be checked by the game official(s). If a player drops from the team during the league year, the ID Card of that player must be returned to the league office prior to any additional ID Cards being issued for that team.

** Red Card for Fighting

Please be advised! If a player receives a "Red Card" for fighting (Violent Conduct). It is a league rule that the player is suspended for the next four (4) league games-- NO EXCEPTION. If the "Red Card" is received at the last league game of the season, the suspension will carry over to the next playing season until the suspension is served.

** Red Card (other than fighting)

If a player receives a "Red Card", that player is suspended for the next scheduled league game. Player(s) ID Card(s) must be sent to the League Office with a written report-- A local team or referee can not hold the card(s).

EXCEPTION: If the "Red Card" was issued in the first game of a double header, hold the card until after the second game, then return the card; however, a written report must still be filed.

** League Standings

3 points for a win
1 point for a tie
0 points for a loss

The league recognizes only a five (5) goal difference in scores.

A forfeit results in a recorded score of 5-0.

If a team folds during the course of the league season, all games (played or not) will be recorded as 0-1 losses to that team.

Tie breakers in league standings are:

Head to Hear competition
Least number of goals against-- during league play
Goal difference

The coach/manager must keep a record of the match results. The coach/manager will be contacted for game scores on a given Sunday of league play by the Site Coordinator. The coach/manager is also required to turn in game results to the League Office at the completion of league play.

** League Awards

Each team must play 1/2 of their scheduled league games to qualify for CIYSL awards participation. If a fraction of a game results, the next whole game must be played to be eligible for the award. (Examples: Scheduled for 8, must play at least 4 to be eligible for CIYSL awards. Scheduled for 7 games, must play at least 4 to be eligible.) Scores must be reported within 30 days of the last league scheduled game to be eligible for league awards.

** CIYSL Substitution Rules:

Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times:

Prior to a throw-in in your favor
Prior to a goal kick, by either team
After a goal, by either team
After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play
At half time

** CIYSL Length of games:

Under 19/18/17 Two 45-min. halves size 5 ball
Under 16/15 Two 40-min. halves size 5 ball
Under 14/13 Two 35-min. halves size 5 ball
Under 12/11 Two 30-min. halves size 4 ball
Under 10/9 Two 25-min. halves size 4 ball


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